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rear drag style aluminum spoiler?

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Hey guys n gals, I just ordered from Randy one of those sexy front spoilers and I'm curious to know where to get the rear one. He doesn't build those, at least there not offered on his site. I've seen them on quite a few Novas and they all seem to be slightly different. Any ideas? I would like to get one that would allow me to actually open the trunk without tools, if that's possible without jeopardizing function of coarse. Fill me in please. Thanks
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IMHO the third Gen novas really do not offer a great platform for a rear spoiler. Unless your building an all out racer I wouldn't add one.
Ed Quay has exact fit spoilers. He has 3 to choose from and I would think the least expensive one would still allow the trunk to open, but I would call first.

Had this on the deck lid of the old racecar. Started with a piece of cardboard taped to the side of the deck lid and drew some lines based off another spoiler. Had the chassis shop build it out of aluminum then had a fiberglass shop make carbon fiber pieces off of the aluminum ones. I wouldn't put something like that on a street car though.
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thanks guys

I appreciate that info, I will be calling and checking with the links provided and if it don't work out I'll build one. hemi Nova, looks good, looks like your support ends at the trunk lid itself,. I like that and altho most of you were advising against it, my minds made up. I really like the look and I'm going to hook this 3Rd gen up till it goes to my boys. Lol thanks again
Everything is attached to the trunk lid. Makes it a one person job getting the trunk off.

It made a great shelf for the chutes. :D
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