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#rd gen front BS

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I am looking to run a 7"/15" with 4.5BS with 255/70/15 for the rear. For the front I was thinking 235/60/15 tires but I am not sure on the rim. 7" or 6" and I have no clue what BS. Any input would be appreciated, what do you run? what will fit without rubbing?
Thanks Brian
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Do you have drums or discs up front? I ask because, I've found that guys with front discs can use wheels with more backspacing than I can with my drums.

I currently have a 15x7" wheel up front with a 225/60/15 tire and 4.125" backspace. This fits perfect, but leaves very little room between the inner rim lip/inner tire sidewall and the outer tie rod end. I could possibily squeeze a 235/60 on there, but I'd rather do it with a 4" backspace. If you have front disc, then you should have more room to play with in this regard.

I've seen front disc guys do a 235/60 on a 15x7" wheel with as much as 4.375" backspace and no problems at all. This would definitely interfere with the tie rod end on my drum brake car though.
On the rear of my 72 are 255/60R15 and the front are 215/60R15. Has disc brakes all the way around and 2" drop spindles. Wheels are 3 7/8 BS i believe Corvette Ralleys.
No issues with rubbing but no margin of error on the right side back. It's very tight. I've never had someone in the back seat or a full trunk but I'm sure it would rub if I did.
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