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I have a 71 Nova which was a 6cyl car, converted to a BBC. The core support was left as factory for a 6cyl/small block.

I have a 467 and use a short water pump, march v belt pulleys. The car has a Griffin 1-25222-Z universal chev replacement rad which is 2 row of 1" tubes, overall size of 3" thick, 26" wide, 19" tall. Core is 2.25" thick, 20.75"x19" (height includes the 1/2" tall pieces of aluminum at the top and bottom of the core. Actual finned core area measures 18").

I have 3.25" clearance from the core to the front of my water pump pulley. I use a Taurus fan which I have had to trim a substantial amount from the engine side of the housing to be able to set the fan in place to clear the pulley during operation, and to remove/install it. It attaches to the rad with the plastic ties through the core. I also have a large BM trans cooler attached to the front of the rad with the plastic ties.

I would like to change the rad to one that gives me more clearance for the fan, and fits the core support better. The Griffin rad tanks are thicker than factory. It also does not have enough material at the top and bottom to attach brackets for mounting the Derale fan/shroud 16821
I have which I bought to gain more clearance to the water pump pulley. I also would then like to be able to use strips of aluminum bolted to the core support on each side of the opening, to attach the trans cooler to. My reasons for these changes are;

1. Have the rad fit the core support saddle better
2. Gain clearance for the fan/shroud to the water pump pulley
3. Be able to attach the fan/shroud in a clean manner to the rad.
4. Be able to mount the trans cooler independent from the rad for ease of service.
5. Make the installation function better for service when needing to remove the fan/shroud, radiator, and trans cooler. A cleaner more factory like install.

I have been looking at different rads to replace the one I have, but am undecided, and would like more solid info if the rad I choose will fit as I need, gaining some clearance, have material at the top and bottom of the core to mount the derale fan/shroud as intended with brackets, and still cool as well as what I have now.

Cooling isn't an issue right now, my car runs 170 degree range normally, never warmer than 195. If I come to a stop after driving and let it idle, it cools off to 160 and stays there indefinitely.

Can anyone help me with this? Short of buying possibly more than one radiator until I buy the one that works as I want/need?
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