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Making power is not cheap, nor for the faint of heart.
Here is a picture of the difference between Jesel's Pro set ( one up from sportsman's set) and T&D's Blower/NOS set for the AFR 227 heads. Jesel does not make a heavier set for the 227 heads. Rather than beating a dead horse farther and continuing with Jesel's obviously lighter set, I made the choice to go brand new T&D's on my engine.
Frank said it best at our recent show, race parts have no implied, or expressed warranty.
Its my choice using race type parts on a daily driver to obtain the last edges of available HP / TQ.. Race parts are fickle for street applications and MUST be considered a consumable, rockers and springs MUST be changed on a regular basis.
If I went with a reliable Hyd Roller I would be giving up at least 50HP and 50TQ, reliable, yes better, but I do like the sound, excessive rev's and power of a solid roller.
Valve lash was checked exactly 2 days before this breakage, race parts give you no waning when they break, they just break.
Race parts on a street engine are NOT intended for the faint of heart, and can be hard on the wallet.
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