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Hello everyone, I hope everyone is staying safe.

Here is the issue.

QuickFuel HR680VS

Engine mild 350.

Let me say am very happy with this carb, and the throttle response is much better than the street avenger I took off (I put that on my wife's 71 GMC).

The issue I am having is my idle is still a touch rich, but I would be fine with it at about 13.8 AFR. My issue is at very light throttle like driving a residential street virtually no throttle the ARF is 15-16. No surging. Cruise is fine, it's just that very light throttle. I do have an off idle hole but I figure a bigger squiter will fix that. The only change I have made is I went up on the IAB from a stock 70 to 74, it was very rich on my engine out of the box.

So is this fixable, should I be looking at the idle jet? Or go down to 73 on the IAB and try and get the transition to richen up? Or did I do something stupid?

Any feedback is always appreciated and I hope everyone comes out of this current craziness ok.
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