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Question on door and trunk weatherstrips.

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I'm getting ready to install my door and trunk weatherstripping on my 65 post. On the doors, do I use a 3M weatherstrip glue or put in on dry, and on the trunk just the glue? Also, black or yellow. Thanks in advance. Dave
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if it's to be used... use the 3M black...

i didn't use any... some do, some don't.

I second the FLYER use the black use caution a little goes a long way!!
once weatherstripping has been installed it's very likely you won't be able to shut the doors or deck lid.... if that is the case, loosen the latches on B pillars and move them out so the doors will latch on the 1st click. the doors won't be lined up with the body they'll be protruding. that's OK you're teaching the weatherstrip where it needs to contour. leave the doors as is for a few days and then adjust the latches in a little more. the window frames are tough but if you wanted to you could bend one... that's not good, naturally... so be careful how tight the doors/mechanisms are adjusted... the gaskets will retain the contour more as time goes by making the doors easier to close. don't try to rush the process...

the deck lid can be raised buy raising the trunk mount bracket if the weatherstripping makes the deck lid shut too too tight.

this stuff needs to be broken in so to speak. for good sealing gaskets i'd say do it naturally, not with a heat gun...

here is some door & window info, might interest you... Information/Door and Window information/

hope i helped...
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Thanks for the quick replies. Can't wait to get going on it. Dave
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