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QA1 Stocker Star TS703 w/ CBR Rear Leafs

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Hey Guys,

I've been reading up on rear suspension set ups for a few days now. I think my head is going to explode! LOL

I am about to pick up a set of the 2" drop CBR leaf springs for my 66'. I am trying to get the best shock for this leaf spring combo. I can get myself a good deal on the QA1 TS703 single adjustable shocks for $75 each ($150 for the pair). Is that a good shock to run with these leaf springs?

Car is a 66' Chevy II with a mild 350 and a m21. I'm going to be doing a 4.11 posi 8.2 10 bolt very soon as well (that's why I'm doing the rear suspension at the same time). The car is a summer toy that gets driven hard, and I'll eventually be taking it to the track a handful of times a summer. It's not going to be a weekend track car by any means. Just a good fun street car for the most part. I have the original mono leaf setup with a set of gas shocks.

Am I looking in the right direction with the CBR leafs and a set of QA1's?
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I have not run the QA1's with the CBR springs but I have with CalTrac split Mono's.They are a good shock and should serve you well for what you doing.
Anyone else have any experience with the CBR leaf setup? What shocks would you suggest?
I don't think you'll have any problems running the QA1s if you want the adjustability, shouldn't have any trouble at all.

I run Monroe Sensatracs..I think they were $40 for the pair. Rides and drives just fine, firm and positive, no complaints! QA1s should be at least this good :)
Does anyone know if the TS703 being 19" extended and 12.25" collapsed is the 'correct' length for what I'll be doing? I see they have a few options...
i'm using a lighter multi-leaf than the CBR units with the single adjustable QA's and i like 'em. :yes:

unsure of the part number, i've had 'em on for a while now. my '64 has 2" drop leafs with an additional 1" block and i was concerned about bottoming so i lowered my lower shock mounts on the plates. with 15's on my car if i ever flatten a tire and take it to the rim (unlikely) the shock plate now extends slightly lower than the edge of my wheel...

if you're going to spend the cash on the shocks, check the difference in the double adjustable units. might be better suited to your needs i dunno...

best of luck ;)
Thanks for the input!

I wasn't really thinking I'd need a double adjustable shock setup. I'm not going to be autocrossing etc. Just looking for something better than the crummy air shocks I have in now. I figured I'd change out the shocks while I put in the CBR multi leafs.

I'm sure the QA1 single adustable shocks will be a nice improvement from a stock shock setup. :)
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