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psycho2432. 74 nova

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psycho2432 - YEAR MODEL

Pictures (up to 3 should be linked in)

Year: 1974

Model: ?

Engine: 250 inline 6. Bored 30 over, comp cam

Body/Exterior: 2door

Front End: stock

Transmission: auto. B&M shift kit. , 2500 stall con

Rear End: stock
Exhaust: dual

Wheels/Tires: ralley

Interior: stock

Electrical: stock

Accessories/Options: power steering

Sound system: fm radio/ factory radio in a box

Additional Comments:factory everthing including front shocks...36,300 miles
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Nice looking car you have there. :yes:
That's a good looking '74 you have there!!

I love seeing everybody else's rides, especially the 73-74's (because I have a '74. Lol!).

Welcome to the site. You have a good looking car.

Well as far as plans for the cars goes... I really don't have any.
Was thinking of leaving it like it is till im to old to drive it any more..
Then sit back and watch my kids fight over it..... ha ha ha.
I happen to like the way it looks and enjoy having a inline to mess
with people who expect it to be a small block ...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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