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Proper way to mount a floor shifter

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Help... Whats the proper way to mount a B&M unimatic floor cable shifter

I want to reinstall this because the shifter isn't in there very well. It only has two bolts into the pan and it wiggles which I don't like. Looks like they cut the hump and bent a big over to mount it on so that it would be vertical. If I buy a shift hump will it mount nicely on the holes and also help me mount my center console?

My car came with new carpet and it looks like it is form for that shift hump in the picture!

P.S. They parted together that shift hump, but all it did was go over the shifter blocking access to the mount.
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Any thoughts on this guys? I want to order the hump asap if I'm going to need it. Thanks!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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