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Project Anyone?

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Found this surfing craigslist today!!!
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I guess the 's' in parts refers to it being in two pieces. :eek::eek:
Easy fix, little welding and buffing it'll be as good as new.:D
dang poooor car
ad should say apart car :eek:
If you work at it, you can imagine this car as a beautiful convertible sitting in a Chevrolet dealers showroom almost 50 years ago:rolleyes:.

Some wire and duct tape that baby will be good as new
Just a little Work Needed

Think of the story this car could tell. Started life many moons ago, drove the long roads of America, and now left to die in two halfs!! She is saying Save Me Please!!
LEAVE IT AS IS! :devil:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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