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Progress pics of my tube chassis gasser

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Thought I would share some pics of my tube chassis gasser project for my girlfriend.

Its a '62.The motor is a 454(going to be a 468)Was going to be a 396,but I got a good deal on this block and a steele crank and rods.Still undecided on the gear box.Probably a Super T-10,right now I have a Muncie case for mock up.
Dana 60 with leaf springs,floaters and 36" ladder bars.
Its a street car that will tech and run out at the track.:D
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Yep,that's the one.
We've been together 14 plus years. We bought her '62 about 8-9 years ago. It was pretty much a bucket. She drove it for a while until it just was to much effort to keep fixing. We went a nostalgic drag event at Woodburn and she saw some great axle cars running. She asked if we could do that with her car. Um...........................YEA!! You bet!!
The car right now has been tabled. I decided to get my motor fixed and make a few passes before the years out. After that,I'll be back on the A F/X.
Theres some more on this build on this thread.'62+nova+gasser
soo.... how'd it turn out? its been 2 years, dont we deserve some finished pics?
Sorry, Ive been posting the updates on the thread in the Suspension Section.
The link in the post above your post.
Did'nt do much to it for a year or so,but this winter we started getting a little crazy.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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