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Problem with starter circuit

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Can't figure this out - 63 Nova, 350/T350; starts fine, runs fine. When I turn the ignition from the run position to off, the starter engages for a split second.

I replaced the ignition switch, rewired the engine harness down to the starter. I have it wire with the purple/solenoid wire to the S post; a non-resistor wire from the ignition switch and a jumper to the (+) coil terminal from the (R) terminal. I have an Accel Street Billet that needs +12 volts. I could probably eliminate the wires to the (R) terminal at the solenoid and go directly to the (+) side of the coil but don't think that's the problem. Already replaced the starter and solenoid thinking that the solenoid could be bridged internally.

Any idea why I'm triggering to solenoid circuit when I turn the ignition off?
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even with points, i never had a wire coming from the starter to the coil... ???? gotta look at it this way.. during some point of your movement from ign to off positions, the batt wire and purple wire are getting connection.. thats the only thing it can be..
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