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Hello, I’m Felix from Germany.

I’m currently building my 69 Chevy Nova, going the pro touring style route.

For the German registration as a historical vehicle I need some historical evidence, that the style of the modification were common during the early period of the car. It doesn’t matter that much if it’s from a racing application (maybe somethin is to find in Trans-am racing), like drag racing, nascar or just street use. The modifiaction must not be made on a Nova, any other car, also a production car with the design type of the modiciations might work.

These are the modifications I’ve done/ willing to do:

· Rack and pinion steering

· tubular control arms

· guldstrand mod

· rollcages / downbars

· minitubs

· aluminum fuel tanks

· big brakes, like 6 piston wildwood with vented rotors

· coilover shocks

· hydroboost brake booster

· torque arm rear suspension

Everything up to 10 years after production date is useable for me. Since the Nova is from 69, I can use material/information etc. up to 79.

Any stuff like old magazines, photos, catalogs, books, old advertisement and links to forums / picture galleries etc. will work for me – the more the better.

I know, this might not be so easy, because some of the parts/styles were not so common in the way we are using them now.

But maybe you can help me in this case? Thanks a lot in advance and best regards, Felix.
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