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what parts do I need to put a 4 speed in my first gen (powerglide to m22)

I got pedals z-bar w/frame mount so far
are the clutch forks the same for 3&4 speeds ?
do I need a 309 bellhousing or can a 3 speed be machined ?

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You can’t really machine a three speed #383 bellhousing.It will not leave enough material around the hole.Clutch linkage for a three speed is fine.

Besides the obvious items such as

Clutch pedals
Z bar
Frame bracket block pivot ball
#309 bellhousing...etc...

You will need the correct Hurst competition plus shifter and Hurst installation kit.

Hurst shifter#391-7308

Installation Kit#373-3163

Updated into a complete kit #291-6516 !!!!!!!!!!!!

Use a reverse light switch and bracket for a 1968 Camaro and close the neutral safety switch circuit with a jumper wire. I would use a 12-10 AWG wire with the correct circular mills to accommodate the load rating.

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