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Powerglide TH350 Converter ID

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My dad bought a 66 with a Powerglide behind a 283 that seemed to be OK but not great. We decided to swap in a good used TH350 from a longtime friend at a well respected tranny shop. He switched it out for a guy that wanted a 4L.

We got the old PG out and the converters side by side and visually in every way they appear to be the same...? Do they look that similar or did the previous owner not know what he was doing?

My question: What are some ways to identify converters for PG vs TH350? (note: all components are stock as far as I know)

I have to admit that done dozens of engine/tranny swaps but I am no expert on converters.
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The outward appearance means nothing, the splines are different.
So they should look fairly similar?
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