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ok, i think i remember..
355 smallblock, flat top pistons
sportsman II heads
274 extreme energy comp cam
780 vac secondary
single plane intake
3'' exhaust
2500 stall, 410 gears
12.40's at 110
changed intake to an rpm airgap
12.20's at 113
added x pipe
11.90's at 116
car is a 63 chevy II at around 3200 pounds

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About 1974 I traded around and got a 375 HP 396 out of a 71 Nova and I stuck a set of headers and a 400 turbo with a 2800 stall B&M converter in this 70 Nova I had. I drove it to Norwalk and stuck a set of 9 inch slicks on it and it ran 12.70s. It had a low rise intake being a 71 motor so I installed a early high rise intake and a hood scoop and tuned on it and it run 12.40s and I drove it to the track. I had cars that were probably faster than this Nova but never took them to the track so the Nova was the first official 12 second car I had. To the best of my knowledge that Nova is still in Northern Ohio being raced. It was back halved and had a 12 point cage in it when I sold it in 1982 and was painted black the last time I saw it in 1995 at Thompson.

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Post your combo's that got you into the 12's
4th gen
ZZ4 crate motor "fast burn 385" version
Lunati voodoo cam
Eddy air gap
Prosystems carb
2800 stall ATI convertor
12.69 best

upgraded convertor to a 4000 stall Coan and went a step up in the Voodoo cam line, changed to 4.10 gears, 12.30 now. Weight 3750 with me in it.

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flat tops
edelbrock performer rpm heads
edelbrock performer rpm air gap intake
750 holley
comp solid roller cam
9.5 bte convertor
4.10 gears
78 nova 3700 with driver
28" drag radials
12.26 112mph

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355 with flat tops
Edelbrock rpm heads 64cc
solid flat tappet cam with 552 lift
team G intake
750 quick fuel dp
1 5/8" hooker headers with full 2.5" exhaust out the back
3.82 gears full calvert racing rear suspension
morroso trick springs up front with calvert 90/10's
th 350 with a 4200 stall
275/60/15 drag radials
3450 with me in it
Best on motor was 12.29 @ 110
Best on a 140 shot of nitrous is 10.96 @121

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355,2blt,cast crank,rods,forged pistons, 10.5 comp
Afr heads
HR cam w/rev kit
'70 lt1 intake,600 vs holley
1-5/8 hedmans
2.5 W/H pipe,ultra flos,tails.
t350 w tci streetfighter converter
3.73's/26/10 slicks


The mtr is still in my car. I changed to 1 3/4 supercomps,'3-"2.5 X pipe,intake and carb w/spacer and it started going 11's.
I guess It was really plugging up those heads. :yes:

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here is about as cheap and basic as it gets
had tis in a 67 firebird in the late 90's
early 80's untouched 305 shortblock , i think it was from a malibu
i'm not sure what castings they were , but i cleaned up a set of early 70's cast iron chevy heads 1.94 valve (stock valves) and a hydraulic comp cams magnum 280 cam , 280 duration 480 lift
performer rpm intake and a cobbled together 650 holley mechanical secondary
regular 1-5/8 headers
some cheap *** converter , 10" ...flashed to about 3400..junk yard th350 with a shift kit
3.73 gears and 285 mecreary tires dirt track
i never weighed it ...probably around 3200
that thing was a pile...but did eventually run 12.90's at only 102
i could probably never duplicate it

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I'm trying to put a line on what it will take to get my pile to that stage on motor and hope to go on it's maiden voyage down the 1320 this summer. I know I won't hit my mark because the heads are choking it. Maybe go with a set of Vortecs of Dart Sportsman at some point.

74 Nova coupe
L48 350 w/ 480/480 cam
Weiand X-celerator intake (plan to use a small shot of N20 at some point)
1 -5/8 headers through a 2.5" exhaust
Full interior
Pro Star bigs and littles with M/T ET Streets
Chevy 8.5" rear with 3:73 gears
TH350 Trans, shift kit, 3,000 stall

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Full weight 74 nova
383 w/9.8:1 compression
Vortec heads w/double valve springs
eddy air-gap intake
comp extreme energy 274
1 5/8 hedman headers
southside lift bars & 26x9 hoosier slicks
holley blue pump
12.20's - stripped the interior out,inner fenders - [email protected]

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What is I/SA
Sorry, that was short on details

it was a NHRA legal stocker, 327 Cubic inches, factory rated at 275 HP. Had a Luanati stocker cam, good Hooker headers. 4 BBl Rochester carb, reworked stock dist with good points.

VERY careful blueprint... heads at bare minimum CC's rings gapped... It was a 10.5 to 1 compression motor as I recall

Rocker arms checked for the best set, probably looked at 10 sets to get sixteen good ones.

Probably looked at ten intake manifolds to get the best one, several sets of heads were checked.

I don't recall who built the converter, did the glide ourselves, in those days you had to have the transmission that was offered with in the car with that motor, so you either ran a glide or a stick

Twelve bolt rear end, 5.13 gears most of the time.

Lakewood slapper bars, 90/10 shocks on the front, can't recall the rears.

Seven or eight inch slicks on old heavy as hell Crager SS wheels, biggest tire you could have back then. Slicks weren't allowed until just a few years before that.

Full interior of course, in those days they would bounce you in tech for wrong trim such as SS seats in a regular Nova.

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stock gm block, 2 bolt main
stock cast crank
stock rods
TRW forged pistons
Bowtie 2 GM Heads
Comp Cam flat tappet solid lifter
244 246 @.050, .553/.553, 108
hurricane single plane
TH350, 8" converter, 4400
4.10, 27" tire
Best this year 1.65 60', 11.87 at 114
pump gas, drive it to the track, race, drive home. The only thing I do to race is let air out of the tires.

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I through this motor together with parts from a 350 that blew up. Bought a 406 sbc short block from a friend..
406 4bolt
11.1 cr
292 comp cam (old motor)
194 heads junk,(old motor)
victor jr. (old motor)
750hp (old motor)
12 bolt 4.10's w/SSM bars
4spd munice
12.20 @110 launch off the the 2-step limiter @3600rpm
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