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Hi everyone. I'm new to the site but not forums or wrenching!! :D After some searching I haven't found the answer I was looking for..............

Will the entire rear end from a 74 Camaro fit under my 73 Nova? I have a line on one and the guy says it's a 10 bolt but not sure if it's 8.2 or 8.5.

I have an 8.5" 10 bolt, 2.73 gears and from what I can find, they were 28 spline back then. I haven't been able to physically verify that part though. Would just the posi 3rd member from the Camaro fit in my rear end?

Thanks in Advance.:cool:

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If if a 8.5 yes.. camaro got the 8.5 starting in the later half of 1971 I believe... the entire rear will not bolt up .. it is a inch wider than the Nova rear...and the spring mounts are located differently ....

the 8.5 carrier is a direct swap..... a 30 spline option for the 8.3 is the 1989 up GM trucks.. they used the same 8.5 diff.. but changed to 30 spline axles..
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