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Please, advice on NOS and fuel pump wiring.

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Thanks for taking the time to read this post. I hope you might have some advice for a noob trying to do some wiring to my Nova.

I have a thread here on the site about it:

Question 1 refers to wiring the NOS solenoids. I bought a Quick Fuel full throttle switch that mounts to the carb. Please refer to the picture to see the switch and how I’ve numbered the poles on the switch. The arm that turns the switch on and off is on top of the unit, and is activated by the accelerator pump linkage at WOT.

When the switch is NOT depressed, poles 1 and 3 HAVE continuity. When the switch IS depressed, poles 1 and 3 HAVE NO continuity.

Poles 1 and 2 have NO continuity whether the switch is depressed or not.

Regarding poles 2 and 3, when switch is NOT depressed, there is NO continuity. When switch IS depressed, there IS continuity.

So, the question: How should I hook up the wires to the solenoids to activate them when the switch IS depressed? Should the hot (positive) current go through the switch?

The second question refers to the 3 pix of what I think is a relay. I’ve had it laying around for years. Thought I might use it to wire the Holley Black electric fuel pump I’ll be using. (I noticed the fuel pump relays for sale on-line all seem to be 4 poles, not 3 like the one shown) I have a second electric pump that is dedicated to the NOS fuel system. Both these pumps are very near the fuel tank, and I have a trunk mounted battery. So, the questions: Use the 3 pole relay I have (provided it IS a relay), or buy two 4-pole relays? Should I make some sort of power panel in the trunk to provide power to the pumps? And just run wiring to the cab for the switches?

Thanks so much for any advice!

Quick Fuel NOS full throttle on-carb switch.



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