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Pertronix ignitor II install

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OK.. So I tried searching but I can't find a thread where someone installed a pertronix Ignitor IIor III ignition system. I have the ignitor II which is an HEI setup with an external coil.. I need 12v at the coil. This is for my 63 v8. I was planning on just replacing the resistor wire with some 16 guage stuff and leaving everything else stock but then I ran into another thread that confused me.

Do I wire it like in this thread? Except battery would be pos side of my coil:

Or can I leave it stock with the larger wire in place of the resistor wire?

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I just did this in my 63 it's not to hard, remove the engine harness and untape. Carefully remove the resistor wire from the plug that goes into the firewall, it will have a pink wire on the other end connected by a ring terminal these went to the starter and other end of pink wire went to coil.
Very carefully remove the resistor wire from the terminal you will need to reuse the terminal or go here they have the right terminals

(12 Gauge Packard 6288953 Twin lock terminal - Firewall bulkhead connector terminal)

Replace resistor wire with 12 ga wire resolder firewall terminal to new wire add a 12 gauge Packard 56 series female Terminal 2989877 to the other end
red wire is power to my remote hei coil.

pink wire and resistor wire that go away purple goes to start terminal on solenoid

frayed looking wire is resistor it is not shown on the wiring diagram
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