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Ever since I got my kid his falcon over a year ago it never ran right. Always a hesitation / bog I could not get rid of. I've been talking with Ron at Performance carb about it for quite a while now. He has done carbs for quite a few of my freinds and everyone says how good the carbs work. Well I finally bit the bullet and put out the money. I called Ron and gave him all the specs on the 427 windsor motor and he built a custom holley 4150 / stage 3 for it. What a difference !! Car never ran even close to as good as it does now. When I picked it up I asked Ron about adjusting it. He said just bolt it on don't do anything. He said if it needed any tuning he would meet me at the track and dial it in for me. Talk about customer service. Well it didn't need anything , I didn't even need to set the idle.
I've been thinking about a carb for the Nova. Now I know for sure Ron will be doing that one for me too. Here is a link to his website for anyone looking for a custom carb.

Picture of the carb on my kids car. American billet metering blocks and base.

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Looks nice! Sounds like real customer service!!!!
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