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About 2 months ago, I was in a wreck that totaled my '70 and cracked the housing on my Super T10. At the very least, I think the tranny is OK itself, but I need a new tail casing for it, and somebody that can weld one of the mounting tabs (to the bellhousing) back on. Other than that, the tranny still spins and changes gears!

The other option I have is to get a new one, or rebuild - whichever is cheaper. I DO plan on taking it to the track some, but it won't be hard core until I can get all my suspension handled. Does anyone know somebody that builds these with performance in mind? I know a little about them, and have some idea of what I may need to invest in, but if at all possible I don't want to break the bank. I have ~$1000 to spend on one. Could it be done? It would see more street time than track, most definitely, so I don't want to go synchro-less (unless, there is some alternative workaround to that). I have heard of the g-force 4-speeds, but they are very pricey.

If it's easier/cheaper to rebuild it myself with a new set of nickel gears, where can I get the strongest ones? I know it would need to be an iron case as the aluminum is a weak link.

Let me know what some of you have done. Thanks.
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