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Parking lights in 71 frt bumper

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What exactly are the differrences between the pk lights on a 71 and a 69 i have a 71 and a fella told me my bumper is off a 69. its possible my whole front clip is bcause the base color is different.
any info on the subtle differences would be welcomed,
sorry if this picture isnt the best.
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1968-9 front signal lights are rectangular and amber in color and the side maker lights are smaller for 68-69 as well they're in a different position. The grills for 68-9 have less vertical support bars only 9. Here's my 69 4 door. It looks like you have a 69 front bumper on your car.

This is my other 69, but it has a 70-72 style bumper on it with 70 signal lenses on it they were clear for 70, for 71 & 2 they were amber.
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If shipping wasn't so bad I'd trade ya!:(
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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