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Over the years I have seen numerous threads on overheating cars. An explanation of 1 fix.

My friends Chevy Pickup.
Monster Aluminum radiator.
great fan, even a secondary pusher electric on the corner with the inlet.
Pulleys slightly over driven
New 502 motor.
Heat sensor in the head.
180, then 160 thermostat.
Fuel injection (he is a fuel injection expert)
Stewart performance water pump.
On the freeway, or driving standard speed no overheating.
Driving in traffic, a lot of stop and go it would heat up. He would see a build up to 215+ and keep building. Being a new 502 he was worried about the overheating. This was on mild Dallas evenings.

Plenty of cooling, flow etc, so why the overheating?

After trying a few things, talking to the 502 experts etc. this is what we figured out.

At low RPM, idle or going slow, the recirculating flow through the engine was good, but not enough to disturb the water enough under the thermostat. The thermostat didn't pickup the heat build up.

The fix was to use a new Stewart performance thermostat. What is special about it? 3 small holes to let coolant bypass around the thermostat spring. Not enough to prevent warmup (Alaska winter may be different) but enough to prevent the cool bubble build under the thermostat.

Now on a nice hot Dallas afternoon, 160 constant.
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