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Thanks for the ad to the group.

I have a few projects. My Sons 74 Apollo me and my son work on. It's been converted to almost a 68 to 74 nova restomod. Got a 74 Nova front clip, 68 front bumper and trim and grill... It's getting my old 75 vette motor after we rebuild to a 355. It has those Lambo doors I don't love... But he does. So its cool.

Not sure what we will do with the 350. It runs great as is. We plan to at least throw in a cam and some decent NKB heads and bore it .030 before going in the nova.. it came with a 250 l6 so anything will be an improvement.. ;)

And my 75 C3. I got for 2k then custom candy painted it myself bright green metalic with dcb500 intercoat poor mans candy.
I rebuilt the rear, trailing arms and a bunch of other stuff. 2and time painting it. Someone hit and ran on me.. and I needed a bigger hood for the 406.

Now I am building that 406 sbc.
220cc Flotek heads HP950 carb. Custom ported air gap to match the Flotek raised exotic runners. Holley 6AL, blaster 2, blue pump, regulator, jets pro billit distributor...
10.4/1 -6cc Flat top hypers, 72cc flotek chambers. Lunati hft 280 _454/454 112 LS cam .

Hope to drop motors in
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