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Hey all
I have a 1974 that i have been working on for a while now love the car, but i would like a new look for the front of it. Now I am not worried about the "safety" side of it as the car is not driven as much as it used to be mostly cruzes and track time. Anyway I would like to make a front end for it. I Will not be doing anything that can not be turned back to stock if i would like (stock mounting points and such will be used). Also I would like to keep the factory upper grill and headlight buckets to make it easier so prety much it would just be fabin up something to fill in where the bumper was and help cram some more air into the radiator not that i need it but if i am doing this i might as well make it function properly. looking at doing something similar to the 1st gen camaro fronts when the bumpers are removed.
anyway I searched and came up with nada for ideas or pictured I do remmber a long time ago a thread going around that had a bunch of stuff like that but Can not find it.
Thanks for any input or ideas
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