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? on cpp and church front kit

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Hello everyone. I'm a newbe here. I have a couple questions for you guys/gals. I have a 63 nova ss and was wondering the following:

1. what is the advantage in running the CPP and church front clip?
2. I currently have disc breaks on from a A-body(chevelle), if I went with CPP/church suspension will by current set work?

thank you for your input, Cesar.
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Well first off with the Church Boys set up you'll get rack and pinion steering. This offers the opportunity to run a regular rear sump oil pan vs. the need for a front sump pan or a deep sump pan, this is assuming you have a V8.
The feel of the steering is vastly improved over the stock set-up making for a more driver friendly car.
You current disc brake set-up will work fine with the Church Boy's kit plus you can use Church's new lower a-arms which give more caster adjustment than the CPP arms.
If your spindles are off of a Chevelle you will need to swap them for Nova spindles.If you must use the Chevelle spindles CBR's reversed strut rods will work for you with your existing lower control arms.
Is the SSBC disc brake conversion kit for a Nova considered Chevelle spindles?
Is the SSBC disc brake conversion kit for a Nova considered Chevelle spindles?
You have asked a very good question. It used to be that a nova peson would have to use a kit consisting of the chevelle spindles to get disc brakes. When doing this the lower ball joint had to be changed because the chevelle had a bigger joint. If infact you have the chevelle spindles your lower ball joint holes in the chevelle spindle would be to big for either the cpp arms or my own tubular arms. Does it appear that your lower ball joints have been welded to the lower control arm?

Your options would be to locate Nova spindles or like Nova404 stated my rear mounted strut rods bolt up to the stock nova control arms, which would allow you to continue using your chevelle spindles.

I guess this answers my question.

Since my disc brake conversion kit bolted directly to my stock ball joints, and I was able to use it when I changed over to the CPP lower arms I should be o.k.?
The only thing the SSBC kit required me to source, was the 64 or later Nova steering arms.
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