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1964 Chevy ll Nova SS 4 Speed Original
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Just got my hands on this little gem. a original 64 SS 4 Speed. Was trying to buy a 62 the was completely redone and very sharp from a friend but that deal went south when the car he wanted was no longer available. He found this for me and I got it. Just few things to fix before cruising. Had to replace the brake booster, went forma single diaphragm to a dual as I have a little low vacuum due to the cam. That was a interesting fit but I made it work with the new Wilwood 4 disk system. Then came the ball joint replacement as I had two lowers that were junk. Thinking ahead I decided to replace the upper and lower bushings since it was all apart. Since it was all apart decided to blast all the old paint and ruse off of the suspension and repaint and powder coat. Small project tuned huge. Getting closer to putting it all back together and driving again soon. Then more updates and repairs, that's where you fine people come in with knowledge and suggestions. Till the next task keep the rubber side down.
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