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I took everybodies advice, removed the distributor cap, pulled the motor mount bolts, dropped the idler arm and hoisted it up, the pan came out real easy, didnt have to rotate the crank or anything for clearance. Sure looked a lot tighter than it was.
Pulled the old spring out of the pump, used my pocket magnet and made sure the relief valve was free, installed the lighter spring and buttoned it back up. Gotta love that one piece felpro pan gasket, the black silicone I used in the corners held it up, didnt have to touch the gasket, just clean out the pan and put it back up.
Fired it back up, no change, still runs right at 100 psi, talked to the guys at the machine shop and ordered a standard volume pump that still has a 3/4 pick up tube to help reduce cavitation.
Live and learn I guess, I have run high volume pumps in small blocks for 20 years, they have always had around 60 pounds of pressure.
Gonna swap the pump this week and start taking weight out of it, hope to have it at the track by mid May.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts