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I have a 63 with a rebuilt 250 ready to go. Online experts are telling me I must change pans, pickup tube, and drill block for new dipstick. I really do not want to drill block.
There is an older post where a guy wrote that you can modify the 250 pan to fit
I do not have PS.
Any pics or advice would be greatly appreciated
I am a veteran and temporarily sidelined public school teacher - I thought this would be a good time to drop this girl in, but I am stuck
Thanks for any help!
Robert Davis - Texas

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Is there not a motor in your '63 you can swap these parts over from?

Assuming you have a non-Chevy II 250 motor, yes, the dip stick location, oil pump, pick-up and pan are different. Some blocks have the boss for the Chevy II dipstick up by the distributor and it has a small metal press-in dowel or plug blocking it off. You may get lucky there and just have to press it out and then use it on the rear dipstick hole. Otherwise, yes, it needs to be drilled out.

Regarding the pan, you probably can modify it to fit, but that sounds like a lot of effort for a suspect result. And I do not think that would negate still needing the correct oil pump, p/u, etc. GM made probably 3/4 of a million Chevy II L6 setups in the 1962 - 67 period, I would recommend just collecting the proper parts so you know it has been done right.

Correct NOS GM oil pumps are not hard to find. I have a few and they are normally on eBay. Should have some of the other items. Posting a want ad here in the classifieds will also likely net you all the parts you need - pan, pump, pick-up, dip stick and tube. You should also check to make sure you have the correct block and motor mounts.

With the advice and parts available through the community here at SNS, you will be able to get this dialed in and on the road.
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Hey - - - rl ,

This is the "guy that you need too talk to ! " . . . . . . Larry Page (SNS Member : Twisted6)

located in : Palatka, Fl. = = = He has the info about ; either, welding in a "dimple" into your 250ci I-6 oil pan ; or , maybe
"bending - in" your oil pan , too fit into a 1st - 2nd Gen Nova engine compartment - using the " rear - sump " type stock oil pan.

I have bought 'my carb - base - plate' from Larry a few years ago (used to mount a Holley 4bbl carb onto
a Offy 4bbl intake , so to be able too mount your 'carb' "Mounted Front to Back" (instead of having the
carb mounted sideways - towards the valve-cover) .

Here it IS : this will only work (correctly) - "with-out power steering" .
If you have power steering - - the rear oil pan style - - - will NOT Work !

……….. jim
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