Posting to see if there is any interest before it goes in the garbage can :cry: This would be best as a pick-up only. It is pliable but the bends are brittle and won't survive rolling or folding it for shipping.

Came out of my 63, so it would fit all 62-65 and probably 66-67 too. I love rubber mat cars, but this was a little too worn after I tried cleaning it. The floor of my car was thick with Montana dust and covered with a double layer of floor mats. After soap and water, quite a bit of the aqua fleck came off from the mats rubbing on them for decades and from my scrubbing. Kills me not to use just don't see rubber mats. Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but it's a hard to find part if you happen to be looking for it.

As you see, they do have some cracks at the sharp corners and there is one tear where the drivers heel would be and under the driver's floor mat. I've drawn the yellow line showing how long the crack is - the shadow makes it look worse. No big chunks missing and the mohair backing has been almost totally removed. My 63 has front belts put in so it has holes for those.

Would be cool for someone building some kind of plain jane Nova that isn't looking for perfection.


Send me a private message if interested.

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