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Well when i bought the car i was told it was a 406 in the car. Well soon after i bought the car it started to run weird. So it got parked for the winter. Pulled off one valve cover and found some tops of valves broken off. Rocker was riding on the retainer. So pulled top end off cleaned top of one piston found part #-std. No bore here. Pulled cam and the front cam bearing was looking a little weak. So bought some ik 200's , air gap intake and shipped the 400 block to r.a.d. Machine for the works. 5.7 rods new pistons full roller valve train comp. Just hate to be told one thing and find out another after a purchase. Who can you trust? Called up the guy i bought the car from and of course no returned call. Oh well new engine with about 470 horse power sounds fine for me.
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