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I hate to say it, but those are some special decals.:yes: They were printed up for the 1st. Nova gethering here in SoCal. The Taco Cruise. Funny! I still get all the comments when I wear this shirt! Gary Geiger, who lives back in Indianpolis, wanted to be a part of it, but could not make it out. It was his special way of being a part of it. Rookie and I were in charge of distributing them to the attendees. For the most part, when you see one on a car, you are meeting one of "founding members" for lack of a better phrase. So- - - next time you see me, or Chris, or Mike, or Jim, or my granddad, 'cause he has one too, hold the door open for us old *******s!!! Just kidding!! They are kinda cool, so when you stick it on, its for life.:D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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