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Nova body mount to firewall...and cowl side shoulder questions

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I'm cutting the toeboards and floorboards out of my 70 nova. The drivers side is the worst of the two sides. I'm going to have to cut the floor board from the seat brace forward and looks like most of the toeboard. The passenger side is very minor patch panel. Anyways I'm on the passenger side currently and I've cut 90 percent of it out well when I got the floorboard out I noticed that the little fingers on the body to firewall brace is rusted out. I'd like to replace it while I'm there but no one makes one for a nova.

So I started looking at the camaro and it looks the same but I didn't know if it actually is and thought maybe someone had used one before on their nova? Here's a link with a picture....

Then also are the cowl side shoulders the same on a camaro as a nova...again they look like it but I know that doesn't mean that they are, here's the link.

Tried calling their tech department but he is out I'll keep trying. Thanks

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Hey, Im in the same boat as you are. Ive been looking for the toe board supports for my 72 and have been unlucky in finding them. I have looked at the camaro ones, but for the price ( for me ) was a lil to much. So i decided that im going to repair mine as mine are just damaged on the finger portion. I had to repair my cowl on the fire wall as well. It was just rusted on the bottom portion, so i cut out a patch panel from a parts car and moved on to the next. You can see how i did the cowl, in my build thread. Pretty easy if you have a little bit of metal experiance. Good luck and let us know if the camaro toe board supports will work. Jason
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