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My name is Jay as you may have guessed by the screen name. I'm 39 and lived all my life here on Lawng Oyland, NY. Married to Julia almost 10 years ago. We have no kids but have a terrier mix named Maggie that thinks she's a person.

Went to college for aviation and worked with the airlines for a little while but ended up in insurance. It's funny that most people in insurance usually have backgrounds in other fields and end up here.

First car was a '78 Nova hand-me-down from dad that he bought new. I repainted the body twice but lost interest in the mid-90s and sold it. This qualifies as 'the one I gave away.'

My current ride is a 98 Ford Exploder with almost 150K on the odometer. Julia drives a leaky Sebring 'vert which is fun during the summer. We're looking to replace the Ford. Currently restoring a 77 Nova outside 'cuz the 'vert leaks. Progress is slow due to the winter months but things are starting to pick up now that the weather is better.
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