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Noob lookin' to get on the Nova scene

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Hey guys! I've been reading lots finally thought I'd dive in. I just got this urge to get a muscle car and I have always loved the camaros and chevelles. I started looking at the Novas and I completely fell in love with them. I kinda like that they aren't super main stream.

Anyways I wanted to see what you guys thought about this '73 Nova. The guy said there is no motor or tranny but included are the door panels, bumpers, and two grilles. He's asking 1k obo. What do ya think?

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IMO that is pretty rough for 1K. If it were me I would look around some more.
ya I kinda figured I would find rust, rust and more rust with that one. Its hard because I'm on a tight budget but I would like to get something and slowly work on it. I did find another its a '71 Nova that looks better but he wants 2,500 for it.

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It is easier to get parts for a 68-72 car than it is for a 73 or newer car.

Hey looks good rust is rePlaceable I have a 73 as well but installed the earlier front end on mine easier to find parts for and honestly looks better and is lighter but I favor the dual tail light of the 73 as well guess if your not stuck on
Making it all original.... Welcome to sns
Thanks novamax! I love what youre doing with yours, it looks so cool! I can't wait to see what it looks like when its all finished. The duramax idea is genius!

I was thinking about putting a 68-72 front clip on the 73 if I got it.
If you go for the '73 make sure that the rear hatch and all of its workings are solid. There is no re-pop for that hatch that I'm aware of.
Welcome to the site. A general rule in restoring cars is start with the best one you can afford. Most of the time it will be cheaper to finish in the long run.
IMO that is pretty rough for 1K. If it were me I would look around some more.


:welcome: TO SNS, :waving:

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I agree with alot of these guys. You may need to wait for the right one to come along.
I know how it feel to want to jump on the first one you see, but you really have to decide which way you want it. A nice driver now for a little more money that you can change over time,( and enjoy driving), or the one you can get cheaper and build what you can with the money you have. I know its a hard to decide.. it took me 20 years to find another one, but im really glad I waited. Not saying it would take you that long, but you never
know what will show up next week...... good luck and happy hunting.( sometimes that's the fun part):2cents:
Take you time but be ready. I was you about 6 months ago. You'll know when you find the right one. What's your budget for starting out. That might help identify what kind of start you can expect. There is a 69 in the classifieds here on steves for 1500 that doesn't look to shabby.

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Welcome, lots of good info and help here

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Word to the the best, rust free body you can.

What are your plans for the car? Cruiser? Drag? RR/Auto-X?

Plan out what you want the car to be and what you'll need to get there. Once you have plan in hand THEN go looking for that car. I like the 68 - 72 3rd gens myself.

Thanks for the advise guys! Yeah my budget is kinda tight like max $2000 at the moment. I'm finishing school and just had a baby so the wife is kinda wondering why I'm doing this. I really would like a project to work on other than school before I had a jeep but I sold that. I have been looking on Craigslist and there are a few potentials up in washington/oregon. I am just looking to do a cruiser, nothing crazy. Thanks again for the welcomes.
Welcome to the site. If your looking to get into the nova scene you came to the right place.
i got my 74 nova in san antonio for 700. SA is good for old chevys it seems, same with college station. i assume based on your name that youre in texas.

EDIT! scratch that, i looked at your profile. theres gotta be a better deal than that in your area though… that dude is crazy if he's trying to get that much for it!
haha I go to Utah State...the other aggies. Yeah I am looking for 68-72's that are a lot cleaner.
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