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OK guys, After a long time of bumming around on this site, taking in loads of information and tips, I finally have something to contribute! This is for anyone with worn out door bushing holes.

When it came time to restore the doors on my 1979 Nova, the passenger side bushing replacement went as smooth as it possibly could, leaving me in a great mood. Things changed when I got the the drivers side...

Only one regular sized bushing fit. The two outer holes on both hinges I could drill and put in oversize bushings. The upper hole on the lower hinge measured somewhat oblong at .52"! I have a welder and I really was not looking forward to the method others have described as welding and a rat tail file or die grinding. I have a NO WELDER Required, replaceable and permanent fix for anyone in my situation

One day I was working with 1/4" pipe nipples and took some basic measurements. The OD was around 9/16" and the ID looked to be about 3/8". My original idea was to drill out the door bushing hole to the OD of the nipple and weld it in, then drill the ID to the size of the bushing. Then I thought, why not measure the threads and just use a tap, no welding required? I did just that and it works beautifully.

Tools/Parts you will need:

-1/4 inch pipe nipples. (Mine were 3" with no seam. The first attempt drilled off center. I had to drill twice to get a good center.)
-Original sized bushings (.420) (not oversize)
-1/4 inch NPT tap.
-This is the one catch. you need a letter "Z" drill bit. I didn't try it, but I believe a metric 10.5 will work as well. I bought both at a local industrial equipment store. I did try a 27/64" drill but it was thousandths of an inch too big.

My bushing hole in the door was already around 1/2 inch so if yours isn't you'll need a drill bit for that too. Now all you have to do is drill and/or tap the hole in the door after drilling the inside of the threaded pipe nipple and thread in. (I used blue locktite because I want it removable with an easy out if need be) Now cut off the excess and insert your stock bushing.
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