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Nitrous explosion

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Saw this posted on the YB but because so many people run Nitrous and don't know what can happen I thought I'd post it here too. In this explosion it seems the engine stalls at lauch with the Nitrous on so the motor is full of Nitrous and fuel and the driver attempts to restart the engine. You should never do that. Here is the results.

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Holy Crap.
Once you realize what you did, do you spin the engine without allowing it to fire or just let it sit till it evaporates?
That wasn't his first trip down the drag strip he should have known better! Dumb arse. RICK
On the blown alcohol/nitro and injected nitro cars, we pull the plugs and spin the engine over after warm up to avoid similar situations.
Pretty scary. Hopefully all of the people were ok.
One thing I did notice, was not enough fire equipment up that end of the track.
The guy who pulled him out looks like it was his guy that staged him.

Poor guy had shorts on. Didn't phase him tho thank God!
Super good to know. If I bog and kill the engine on a nitrous pass, do not restart the engine. Thank you Real.
Glad to see the guy was alright, pretty scary stuff.
I don't think I'd restart a motor that died with the nitrous on until I pulled the plugs and spun it over just because of all the similair explosions you see. At a minimum I'd spin it over awhile after I purged the system down with the WOT and ignition off and be sure it was clear. Leaky solenoids are another big issue. That's why you should always purge the system down while the engine is running before you shut it off.
It's very simple. If the engine stops for whatever reason and the nitrous has been armed, hit the purge button, spin the engine over WITHOUT the ignition on, then restart by spinning it over again then hit the ignition switch.

If the engine is cold or it's cold outside make sure to get some heat in the engine before trying to hit it with a big shot of nitrous. It usually will just cough back at the hit...we've had it happen a couple of times. Doesn't hurt anything except the embarassment. :D

The main reason people end up with fires or other nitrous related issues:
1. Brain fart (restarting car with nitrous armed & on)
2. Didn't check their system for leaks
3. Poor or no solenoid maintenance
4. System wired incorrectly
5. Programmable ignition programmed incorrectly
We were sitting on the fence that night. It was in lakeland Florida. Thank God he wasn't hurt. There was alot of cars having problems. What happend is every one was tuned for swamp air. The day temp was over 90 and really humid. But as it went into the night a cold front rolled in. Humidity went down and the temp dropped over 15 deg. even the turbo cars were banging. When he did a burn out we noticed it had a slight miss. We all are so glade he wasn't hurt..
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