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Nhra price hike

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For the life of me I cant see where some of you are coming from when it comes to the NHRA. Its not perfect but until someone comes up with something better, ya and dont even throw in that REGIONAL IHRA circuit in for mention. Tough to balance catering to the masses (sportsman) and try to run a pro show for profit.
Al you blow the sportsman horn as THE financial support that keeps the NHRA afloat, remember, the people that come with/to see the sportsman guys? Al I respect your opinion and would like it explained. Last time this came up I asked what YOU would do in the NHRA's spot. You didnt respond.
Its clear you see the NHRA as the antichrist. But I ask again, HOW WOULD YOU balance the TV draw(pro's) with running the pay for play sportsman guys.

One more thing, this isnt aimed at anyone in particular but some of the pics of tracks that sone run Im positive arent NHRA member tracks because they look like hillbilly death traps. Just one thing that never seems to get mentioned about what the NHRA has done for drag racing.

OK, flame away. Al I want your answer.
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Calm down Big Al, I'm not the enemy here. We share more views on this than you might think. I have more to say/ask on this subject than I'm willing to type on this BBerry. Later
Big Al

Spectator? I guess you're right since ive been out of the game for a few years. Ive bracket raced and ran jr's with the kids but I guess that doesnt count. With the money Ive spent on parts you would have a hard time convincing my wife about the spectator status, but wherever you want to place me thats fine. One things for sure im a BIG SPECTATOR when it comes to watching the PRO's at national events.
Lets make one thing clear, I wasnt calling you out Al, I WANTED TO HEAR YOUR OPINION. I WANTED TO HEAR IT IN THE PREVIOUS THREAD AND WHEN YOU DIDNT RESPOND I ASKED AGAIN WHEN IT CAME UP HERE. You provide a lot of good information and I wanted to hear your take on what direction the NHRA should go. SO SHOOT ME!
Hillbilly? wasnt a word I used toward you and maybe I should use another word about some of the tracks out there. How about RINKY DINK death traps? I wont mention the names because some probably call them home but ive seen videos and been to two tracks myself that I WOULDNT LET MY DOG CHASE A BALL DOWN!!!!! Just so happens these were not NHRA sanctioned tracks. You mean to tell me you give no credit to the NHRA for bringing some of these places up to a safe standard?
PINKS??? You're preaching to the choir on this one. I think PAO is the best thing to happen to sportsman racing in a long time along with outlaw style ten five racing that kind of reminds me of some old nhra classes but im sure your familiar with those, hmm? I was at infineon PAO as a SPECTATOR and never saw a packed house get so excited over ten second cars. It was great. BUT, put a tree out there and an index in between fuel cars and it makes it really hard for me to get a beer because of the long lines. Understand what Im saying? Sportsman racing is great but really thrives with the type of PROPER PACKAGING that shows like PAO provides.
Keep in mind im giving my opinions of what the masses like at PROFESSIONAL events. I love sportsman racing but am not fooled into believing that they are 'the' show at nationals. Im not saying you believe that either but some people do. Jeez man I know two guys that run all the west coast nationals in SG and one in Comp. Its a party when the Comp racer gets past two rounds because its so difficult. No doubt the effort/skill that goes into that operation.
Back to the original topic, does the NHRA need sportsman racers at national events to survive? Honestly I dont know. I agree with you somewhat about the mainstream comment but in my opinion the NHRA rivals indy car racing already if you leave out the indy 500. How can a pro team afford to race nationals? Do they still pay 25 G's plus contingencies to win? At four times that amount a fuel team couldnt break even so how can they do it? Sponsorship or course. Why do companies sponsor drag teams? TELEVISION PERIOD...... No other exposure comes close to TV time. So, the NHRA has to package their show to please the TV audience. you would agree on that?
This is the basket they have decided to put their egg's in and we'll have to see if it works out.
To me the NHRA is still the best thing going, wait, let me rephrase that. When it comes to presenting a marketable PRO package and support sportsman racing its the ONLY thing going.
Good luck on Pinks Al. I wish I could be there to watch. I didnt buy into the PAO in september at Famoso because I didnt think my car would be done and I was right, it wont but maybe next year.

And Bowtie, You're right about the little guys getting squeezed into the boonies at nationals. At infineon they keep getting pushed farther up into the hills.
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"Loose interest in the hobby"?

Then I'll understand?

It sounds like I've hit a nerve and that was not my intent.

FWIW to me the savior has been the nostalgia scene.
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