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Nhra price hike

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thank god i dont do national events
no but i do relize what that means im not a member of the nhra im a member of the psca ( pasific street car assoc. ) we do run on nhra member tracks my car isnt fast enough yet for chassis cert but i will still need the sfi stamp when i get my roll cage. i didnt mean to bad mouth the nhra if it wasnt for them we would not have such an awesome orginization to help us little guys out :yes: i have a 63 nova and cant run any national events except summit series but i have to try this event out first i havent done that yet im not dialed enough wait until my father finds out he is building a 53 studebaker for comp eliminator hes not going to be happy :no:
what he said !!!!!!!!!!!!! nhra is almost like nascar: poor people need not apply
woah easy fellas lets not get to excited about what the nhra or ihra is doing or going to do. i have my own opinion on the subject too. like al said sportman racers are the ones that pay the bills. hes right me and my father have been building a chassis for a 53 studebaker for a couple of years now what ticks us off is the fact they keep changing the rules on us we built the frame took it to get inspected and the first thing the nhra asked was whos chassis is it. which we replyed its our chassis thats where we made our first mistake seems they frown on sportsman racers building there own cars :no: doesnt make since does it. oh here is another one since i dont have any color on my car they wont let me even unload at a natinal event. and i cant run my 63 ss in stock or super stock id have to ask all the guys in my division if i could and most of the time its no because they may get beat by a new comer or give me a hard time cause they think im cheating. i like the heads up stuff like nmca or oscra, psca that to me is way more exciting than watching " super gas or super comp " if the nhra would let some of those " fast street cars" in national events i bet it would pack the stands you want to talk about skill and driving check out them ghuys running low 7s on a 275 drag radials. crap i think they are in the 6s now too. but that is just me since joining the psca i hardly want to go to the national events no fun anymore
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1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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