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Hello all! I am restoring my 78 and I have about 4 or 5 wires in my engine bay that I have no clue what they do. They problem is the car was an original 6 cylinder and was converted to a V8 ( 350 block with 305 heads ). I at least know what one of the wires goes to. It goes to the temerature sending unit, although I replaced the unit with a mechanical gague I am not sure if and how I should terminate the wire. As for the other wires, I just have no clue what they go to. I know my blinkers were acting funny and the car never shut off when the ignition switch was in the off position. I ran a switch from my 12 volt line into the engine dash to cut off the car. One of these wires could be by shut off. Lastly when I bought the car it wouldnt crank over. I found out the distributor wasnt getting 12 V, so the switch I used to turn the car off, was wired into that circuit.

Can this electrical panel in the engine compartment be removed for identification? I have a Haynes manual that has electrical circuitry in the back, but it doesnt have a spot that identifies this panel. is there any way to remove this panel, trace the wires and identify where each unknown wire goes?

3 Unused wires. One goes to the temp sending unit. It kept the light lit so I installed a gague. I do not know where the other two wires go

Here is where the 3 wires are installed on the panel ( 3 parellel wires in bottom right of panel )

OPEN unused wire ( orange ) just sitting in my engine bay. It is pointing to the location on the panel

Another unused OPEN wire ( grenish, brown ) pointing to its panel location


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If you look at the top of the Electrical section there is a sticky post "Call for all Generation Wiring Schematics", with in it is a link to 1978 Schematic (pdf reader required).

This contains the wiring diagram for your car.

The Dark Green goes to the temperature switch for the idiot light.
The Dark Blue goes to the oil pressure switch for the idiot light.
The Brown goes to the plastic plug on the alternator, I suspect it's for the alternator light, which is also used generate the inital field for the alternator.

The Pink wire should go to your and distributor from the ignition switch.

Note: The first 2 pages of the diagram are for a '77 the last two are for a '78.
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