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Newbie paint question

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Very soon I will be spraying paint for the first time, and the first question I have is how much paint to mix for spraying certain parts. I bought Kirker black epoxy primer, which mixes 1:1 with the activator. The first parts I'll be spraying will be inner fender wells, and the full length braces that go behind the bumpers (car is a '74). I'll also be spraying some small miscellaneous pieces like the parking brake mechanism and the bumper shocks.

I know it will take a while for me to get a feel for how much paint is needed on any particular piece or job, but can someone get me started on the above mentioned pieces so that I don't find myself running out in the middle of the job, or worse, having to dump unused paint at the end?

Use one inner fender well as an example--how many total ounces of paint (epoxy + activator) should I expect to used on this one piece? Assume it has been properly prepared.
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Rquad - mix 3 oz of paint + 3 oz activator = 6 oz. This will fill the cup up to about the 3/4 full area. For the inner fenders this should allow for 2 coats of paint + a bit left over. If you could have a core support or something simular "waiting" then you wouldn't waste any left overs. Make sure to allow for enough flash time between coats (15 min?) and go with a light spary to avoid runs/drips/sags that are a pain to get out of the paint.
Thanks for the reply. That will give me a starting point, and I will try to have extra parts waiting in the wings before making the attempt.
I ended up using 9 oz for the job. However, I'm pretty sure the spray gun was set wrong as I couldn't get closer than about 18 inches, and the instructions said I should spray from about 8. I've adjusted the nozzle for less force on the next job.

In any case, If I'm right about the nozzle pressure, the 6 oz estimate was probably about right. For newbies, I'd recommend having 8 oz ready on a job like this, however, until the gun is dialed in.

Thanks for the advice.
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