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Newbie from Jax, FL

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Hello All;

First off i would like to say thanks! I got my first project car about 3 weeks ago and have been lurking this site and using a lot of knowledge from you guys ever since, so thanks! :yes:

I bought my 1973 2 dr Nova, Yenko clone about three weeks ago, I am currently trying to make her into a daily driver/project car. I was told she was sitting for 2 years prior to buying her so I have been putting alot of time in trying to make her right again. Latest and greatest is that she is sans 350 for the moment as the block is sitting in a machine shop. Sounds good but I seem to be spending alot of time looking at parts now, for the car that isn't sitting in my garage where I can putter around with her. :no: I look forward to hearing from and talking to you guys about what I am sure will be a laundry list of problems from my long, long to-do list. :turn:

Oh and she takes much better pictures than I thought. (Good from afar, but far from good as the adage goes) :)

:usa: :usnavy: :pow-mia:
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Welcome, glad you desided to join us. Ask your questions and someone here will have answers for you. Lots of knowledge here.
Welcome to the site :waving:
:welcome: TO SNS, :waving:
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