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new with a 75 nova project

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i just bought a 75 nova with an engine year that im not sure of. i cant find a id number anywhere on it. it has a bunch of aftermarket parts on it but the wiring is all messed up, wires cut, not plugged anywhere. does anyone have a couple close up pictures of the engine bays of the chevy 350's in? i was told by the previous owner that its a 69 motor but i dont think hes ever worked on it. heres how she sits now. my uncle builds old corvettes and he came over to check it out he said its more work then its worth, then again he just sold his vett he restored for 110k so its a POS to him. i bought this for 1k.

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take a flashlight and look down behind the alternator. between it and the passanger side valve cover there is a flat machines pad on the engine block. that should have the engine id stamped onto it. you may have to wipe it down if its oily. you can also look on the driver side behind the valve cover where the engine and trans bolt together there is a casting number there but a little harder to see with the engine in the car as the firewall and master cylinder is usually in the way to see it. nice car by the way it looks like a nice project
ive looked on all the spots on the photo and i cant find anything. i took a mirror around the back of the engine and still couldnt see anything
Need to clean it well! May have to scrape front pad with razor or small putty knife.
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I found some numbers. On the Front by the valve cover I see some numbers but not all. I see 1_83_8 are the only numbers I see on that spot the underscores are numbers I can't read. On the back of the engine on the drivers side I see them all 14010207. Any help identifying this engine? I can't see the date mark on it
well not much info but the 14010207 comes up as a 350 used from 1980-85 in either 2 or 4 bolt main. it was used in everything from passanger cars to vettes and even light duty trucks. the number on the front of the engine will help id it better
Welcome to SNS!! Your project has some work to do, but hard work and vision will equal a cool ride. Enjoy the work and post along the way.

Welcome to the site, your car looks a lot better than what I started with.
Welcome to the site :waving:

it has alot to start with :D
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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