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All those people who didn't received an account verification email when you registered, please read this.

Here is the reason why you may not have received your verification email to complete your account verification.

I hate to tell you that the problem is not the board, the problem is AOL, MSN, HOTMAIL, YAHOO or your email host. Your user account at Steve's Q&A site has to be verified prior to you using it (this happens after you register). This is done be receiving an automatically generated email from the program, that you verify your email address that you provided during registration. When this email is received your ISP or email host is marking this email as spam and either deleting it or moving it to your trash bin. So this makes it impossible for you to verify your account. If this is the case with your account and you don't receive your verification email almost immediately (up to 30mins), let me know and I can manually verify your account for you.

Enjoy the site!
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