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New to the forum(and a new Nova owner)

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Hey there everyone,
So I just bought my dream car, a 1968 Chevy II Nova, after dreaming of it since I was 14(I'm 28 now). I just landed my first job teaching middle school English and History, so it was a bit of a congratulatory gift to myself I guess... I have been checking out the forum for the last few weeks to snag a bit of info here and there, as every time I search the net for an answer, this is where I end up. I am a complete newbie when it comes to classic car restoration and maintenance, so I will probably be picking your brains quite a bit in the near future, if you fellas(and ladies) don't mind. My car has a newer high performance motor, a new transmission, new 12 bolt Posi, suspension, but still needs some lovin', especially when it comes to the interior and a coat of paint. Also seems to be leaking a little at the pinion seal? near the rear end... but now I'm rambling. Anyway, thanks in advance for the helpful hints and for letting me join the conversation!

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Welcome to the family:waving:
Welcome to Steves. Put up some pictures of your car when you get a chance.
Welcome, good to have you with us. Glad you found your dream car and hope you have lots of fun with it.
Welcome to SNS!

Take advantage of all the knowledge and experience here.

Good luck with your 'dream car' project! :yes: :yes:
My son and I have a pair of 68's. Glad to see another one here on Steve's.

Everyone will want to see pics, including me.
Welcome! You are in good hands here for whatever you want to do to your ride!!

Pics are a plus!!

Welcome and congratulations! Hope this new chapter of your life is a stepping stone into a great future. enjoy!
Welcome!!! This is a great place! So many always willing to help!
TO SNS ALEX , :waving:


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1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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