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Alright...... I am finally back to working on my nova after 2 years of life not being so nice to me....

Here is what I am working on at the moment.

454 block 2 bolt main w/ARP studs
6223 GM forged 427 crank
Scat I beam rods
SRP forged pistons
781 GM heads 2.19-1.88 valves
Comp Cams 288AR Solid Roller cam
Roller Rockers
Victor Jr. Intake
MSD Ignition/Digital 6
150HP Nitrous with dedicated fuel system.

Th350 w/manual valve body, good clutches, etc
3500 stall
8.5 10 bolt, 4.10 gears, eaton posi, Superior axles, rearend girdle.

Alrighty so on to the questions.
#1. I am trying to decide between running 91 octane pump gas or E85.
If I go with E85 what is the max SAFE compression to run?
Will a converted 750DP be too small on E85?
Who is the best to convert my carb for E85?
Will a Holley Black pump with deadhead regulator be fine on E85?
Any other info on the E85 would be great!!!!!

#2. What headers will work without having to move the engine over?
I am going to swap to rack and pinion in the future.
Or would it really simplify things by moving it over?
If so what all will I need to move the engine over using solid motor mounts and what size headers should I run for this setup?

#3. With that cam am I going to run into valve to piston clearance problems?
I didnt know with it being a roller and shutting the valve faster if there would be a problem?

I am going to drive this car on the street as much as I can as well as race it as much as I can.

Thank you very much for the help.
When and if I have anymore questions I will surely post them up.

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Ok. There's several prominent carb shops doing great E85 stuff. AED and BLP and the first two that come to mind. They can work over your 750 and get quite a bit more out of it so there's no since in buying another "Core" :no: or whole new carb.

To run E85, your whole fuel system needs to be configured the same as an alcohol/methanol system. The Black pump and regulator may not be alcohol/methanol compatible.

Your compression can easily be pushed up to 12:1 to run on E85. :yes::devil:

There's a lot of debate about the longevity of solid rollers on the street. The lifters just don't live and when they go, unless you're EXTREMELY lucky, it will cost you the better part of your engine. There's a lot of newly designed solid flat tappets that have more "area under the curve" than a LOT of the so-called street rollers out there.

That being said, if you're dead set on running a solid roller, there's better grinds out there!!:yes:

Run the BEST solid roller lifters you can get (Isky Red Zone, Crower Hippo are the first two that come to mind) and a rev kit will add quite a bit of life to it.

GOOD valve springs will last two-to-three times as long as the standard catalog order as well!!:yes:

As for piston-to-valve clearance......The intake opening and exhaust closing are your two contact times. And since you're dealing with newer cams that open as fast as possible, the intake opening will likely be your problem side. Contact Harold Brookshire and see what he can tell you. 662-562-4933 He's done a LOT of Super Stock stuff (required to run UNTOUCHED pistons) so he has all of the calculations worked out as to what WILL and MIGHT fit.:yes: He can also coach you on a NEW cam grind that will outperform any of the older lobes out there!!:D (Since he's still designing new lobes for a few different companies...)

Also, give Steve Johnson a call over at Induction Solutions....He can set you up on the jet changes needed to run the nitrous on E85 as well.....Along with the solenoid modifications that you will need to do.

A little more converter would make it a little more happy too.:yes: Especially a good TIGHT 8" from Ultimate or PTC.:devil:

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Ok, well let me back off the solid roller and change that to a solid flat tappet............ that is getting into WAY more money than I have to spend!!!!!!

On that note let me add a couple of questions to that.

#1. Are the EDM solid lifters with the oil hole on the bottom worth anything? Or are they just a gimmick deal?

#2. Backing off to the solid flat tappet would allow me to run the beehive springs....... Again whats the info on those, good/bad, not worth anything over conventional springs?

I have read as much as I can read about this subject and I am looking for some real world experience.

Basically, going with a flat tappet (which would save me a ton of cash) I want the sucker to live...... I may be overboard on this but flattening lobes is a nightmare to me and I want to do everything in my power to eliminate that possibility.

Thanks again. I really appreciate the help and advice!!!!!!

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What are your goals with your car, is it street strip like mine or is it's purpose ment to be a track only car???

I personally run a custom ground solid flat tappet with EDM lifters and they work great. Here is a link of a friend of mine's Buick with the same basic cam profile Scotty Brown did both of our camshafts and I would highly recommend talking to him if you haven't gotten a cam & lifter yet.

I have friends that are going bottom 9's on motor with a solid flat tappet camshaft.

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