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New seat foam WITHOUT fabric on edges - QUICK HELP PLEASE!!

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I normally don't push for quick replies, but I WAS planning on doing my seats today, so if I can get some quick help, I'd appreciate it.

I searched online for some reupholstering videos. I came across a few Youtube videos from PUI. Here's one of them:

I see that their foam has some sort of a fabric material around all of the edges to help hog ring to the seat springs. It also looks like the guy has to cut the slits down the sides of the bottom. I went to their website to get a better look, and here is a pic from it:

I have no idea what brand mine are. They came with the car when I bought it over 5 years ago. My back piece has a different type of fabric around it, which is fine. But my bottom foam doesn't have that fabric on it at all, but it already has the slits:

Has anyone had any luck installing foam WITHOUT the material hanging off the edges (foam like mine)? If so, did you just hog ring the foam directly to the springs on the edges AND in the slits?

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My foam had no material attached, I used some rings around it to keep it in place. The covers do the rest for you.
You can see some of the ring in this pic I took.

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Awesome. THANKS for the help man!! :yes:
Yup! Not a big deal, I've used it both ways. It's a little easier with the fabric, but not much.
It there to keep the foam from tearing, is what the upholstery shop told me. He told me, you'll be fine without it.
Just about got the first bottom done, then I found I have a broken spring!! DOH!! Not sure how I missed it.

Anyways, yes, the fabric would be better to help from tearing the foam, no doubt. But this is going fine so far.

Thanks for the help gentlemen!!
I had one broken spring on the drivers seat. Went to upholstery shop and got 6' roll of spring. Used other seat as template. Bent up a new one. Couple extra hog rings, with points rolled over, to make sure no poke through.
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