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New Pre Bent Fuel Line Intall -- Which pc is Front and Rear

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69 Nova
3/8" Lines

I cannot even see from the assembly manual which is the front and rear.....anyone have a better picture or direction.

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there should be 2pcs. they join together at the back seat floor pan the front pc should follow the floor pan and then run along side the pass side of the sub frame it should have a few short offsets near the end that follow the top of the subframe and end up by the fuel pump theback pc starts at back seat floor pan and runs near the edge of rocker panel there is about a six inch offset 90* to a 90* and then it follows rear frame rail to the top of the gas tank I hope this helped my car is at a friends garage right now waiting to be taken in for final paint so I can not take any pics right now
we finally figured it out.....first my buddy brought over his nova...great reference. The problem is that the lines were bent up a bit in shipping and when you looked at them there was NO way they would fit on this car....hence the fact that we bent them back into shape and BAM it all worked out.

glad to hear it worked out most tube companies put a large sweeping bend in the lines for shipping so they fit into the boxes there should have been a sticker telling of the shipping bend
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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