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new nova man

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Hi to all you fellow Nova lovers, my name is wayne im 35 years old from alabama. My wife and I have a 1969 nova and a 1972 nova. The 69 is marina blue with 17 inch torque thrust. And currently a 406 but that's about to change as im dropping in a world/merlin 540 in a couple of weeks putting out 650 hp. The 72 will then receive the 406 in place of the mild 350 it currently has,it is red with 17 inch foose wheels. We hope to get to know some of you guys. Anyone know of a Nova club in alabama or wanna start one?
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Welcome, glad to have you and your wife with us. Looking foward to pictures.

Welcome, Let's see some pics!
Pics are in the photo gallery blue 69 and a red 72.
here ya go



i love both, but i gotta go with the BLUE :D
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Where in Alabama? I don't know the county codes from your plates.
WelCome, This site is the Best Anything you need or want to know is on here.n It has been ask Where in DamAl Bam do you live .Like your Nova's but don't Y'All think they are the wrong Gen. haha

. Later Larry Mc
Look like the right gen to me Larry:D
We are in randolph county bout an hour and a half from birmingham ...where is the best place to get a disc brake set for the 72 I found one kit with slotted rotors for 600 can any one beat that. Its for the whole kit :master ,booster, everything and no shipping! !!
got mine from matts bowtie. check with them they were right stuff kit
with free shipping. alot cheaper than ordering from right stuff.were droped shipped from right stuff.
TO SNS WAYNE , :waving:


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Welcome just found ya. Saw the pics of the Blue Nova in another thread. I use to work in the Ronaoke area.
Diggin' these two Novas!! Congrats and welcome to Steve's!!


here ya go



i love both, but i gotta go with the BLUE :D
Welcome to Steve's Nova Site!! You've got to love a husband & wife team that each have their own cars!!

Thx to all for welcoming my wige and i to the site. The wife is why i have a nova i had a 70 chevelle but give it up to have 2 novas in the shop and im happy about it too!! :D
Hi and Welcome to the sight. 2 really nice rides . you will be doing some real wrenching in a short period of time. skinnydude
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