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hello everyone , just aquired a 63 chevy ll ss pretty rough shape but in wisconsin they are hard to find in great condition, any way thanks for your time
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Welcome to Steves. There are a lot of good people here to help you if you have questions. Post up some pictures of your car when you get a chance.
Welcome , This site is the best ANYTHING you want to know about a Nova . This is the place just ask

. Later Larry Mc
cant find the tab to insert images from my computer , a little help here
Welcome to the forum !!! :thumbsup:

Aloha, Ric
GLAD TO HAVE YOU WITH US!,,,,,,,,:thumbsup:
Welcome to the site!
Aloha Midnight !

Have fun with your project, and same here in Hawaii, hard to find a car in good shape... Don't be afraid of rust either, lot's of members here at Steves have done WONDERS on their cars !

Check out the project build forums - a must see ! I've got so many of my questions answered there, without even asking ... :)

Take your time and do her justice hahaha... !
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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